The SCI Group was founded in the Fall of 2018 with the intention of aligning investment opportunities with community growth and improvement.


With over 20 years of real-estate investment experience, $200 million in industrial and commercial infrastructure projects, and a continuously growing network of market prospects, SCIG is poised and positioned to grow in any economic climate.

The group was founded by a diverse range of individuals that have worked together as a team for a number of years. We believe that our diverse backgrounds allow for a more comprehensive approach in our ventures. The group is comprised of a military veteran with 2 overseas tours under his belt, a former Vice President of a worldwide manufacturing company and an MBA with over $100 million of due diligence experience and 10 years of operations experience. With a wide range of knowledge in finance, accounting, real-estate development and infrastructure development, the group provides a holistic wealth of familiarity not seen in your typical investment firm. This allows us to not only have a multi-faceted internal organization, but it also provides the flexibility and comfort to ensure that all areas of a potential investment are heavily critiqued and detailed to ensure that they are a prosperous addition to our portfolio.

It is our hope and desire that we bring not only our expertise to our investors, but also improvement to the communities we venture in to. We believe that the key to our success is developing close, mutually beneficial relationships with our investors, contractors and broker network. It is our vision that all of these moving pieces be aligned together to reach our ultimate goal of enriching the lives of those around us.

Josh Carlegis

From Houston, Texas, Josh knows a thing or two about living large. After 9/11, he felt the call to serve and defend our country as a part of the United State Army. After two tours in Iraq, he joined the civilian world as a logistics manager, and eventually became the top salesman in the same organization. Josh enjoys a quality bourbon, saltwater fishing and Crossfit.

Adam Allen

Adam is from Shreveport, LA. After graduating from Northwestern State, he joined the sales force of a thriving international manufacturing company. Working his way up through the ranks, he eventually became the Vice President of Sales. Adam’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, coaching his young children and spending quality time with his family.

Tyler Harris

Tyler is from New Market, AL. After receiving his MBA from Jacksonville State he worked in college athletics and then as the controller for a $25M manufacturing company in Jacksonville, AL. When he’s not conquering spreadsheets, you can find him at home with his family tending to chickens or chasing down cows. He also enjoys fishing, traveling and physical fitness.

Joseph Tucker

Joseph joined the SCI team as The Director of Marketing and Acquisitions in the Summer of 2020. He is currently enrolled in UAB’s Collat School of Business in Birmingham, Alabama. Joseph has previous real-estate experience in the Property Management and Marketing areas. As a former All-State wide receiver, Joseph maintains an active lifestyle. He enjoys Fly-Fishing for Spots and Small-mouth bass in North Alabama’s rivers and streams, as well as getting his work out in.