Why Invest in Apartment Buildings?

With today's changing demographics, there is strong data to support an increased demand in apartment building living in the future.

How to Invest in Commercial and Multi-Family Real Estate?

We team up with top rated brokers and other industry professionals to bring the best possible properties to the table.  We maintain constant communication with our investors throughout the process to ensure you are comfortable with how your money is being managed.

Where are we Investing?

Investments are primarily managed in the Southeastern United States.  This is a local market for our team where we can ensure "boots on the ground" in the market.

The SCI Group Mission Statement

"Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often."

-Mark Twain-

Mission Statement –

The SCI Group operates on a commitment we have to using real estate investment as a tool to improve the communities we are involved in.  We constantly strive to make a meaningful impact on the people we house, and the neighborhoods that surround us.  We strongly believe that the profits will follow when you focus on the big picture.

  • Overview –

The SCI Group was founded with the primary objective of long term real estate investing.  We believe very strongly that the best way to build wealth is through real estate.  The primary focus of The SCI Group is to grow exponentially in the multi-family market.  We strive to develop strong relationships with our investors and other real estate professionals.  We know that integrity, honesty, and transparency are the best way to grow these relationships, and we live and run our business with these principals.

  • Vision –

We are committed to significantly increasing our portfolio of holdings in the future, and are positioned well to do so.  We are focusing on value add purchases in growing economies to achieve our goals.  While executing our strategy, we will continue to not just improve our buildings, but the communities around them.  We are focused on leaving the areas around us in better condition than when we found them.